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Almost Christmas...

Gretchen Rose

Rose Home Holiday Tour

It has been a while… Time to give this blogging thing another shot. I enjoy writing, so why not? What is holding me back? Time? Commitment? Priorities? Likely all of the above, but the truth is I have the time. I certainly have more time than the average blogger has to write- mad respect for those ladies and gents who write blogs almost daily. That is an insane amount of work. For now, I will attempt to do a few a month. Starting now! We are well into December, my Christmas spirit is in full swing, and I want to share my holiday décor tips and some photos! Consider it a ‘mini holiday home tour’ of our ‘not officially mini because it is around 1k square foot but still feels super tiny’ home. 



Christmas Tree

Team real? Team fake? I am team real but fake is easier so I bought a fake tree. Yep. This is actually Jordan and I’s first tree together! We have always traveled for the holidays and just didn’t ‘bother’ with it. I was determined to spread Christmas cheer around the house this year, so I had to have a tree! Since our house is pretty small, and we have a small living room + entry combo, I had to find a skinny tree. I lucked out at TJMaxx with a three foot diameter by seven foot tall, pre-lit (epitome of lazy) tree for $100, find similar HERE


Yes, our tree is our own version of the leaning tower of Rose. Tree skirt is actually a vintage Turkish rug that had damage, so I repurposed!




I wanted to go mostly neutral with the tree décor, so I stuck with golds and creams and a few gray ornaments in different textures (most from HomeGoods, Target, or TjMaxx). Some glass, some faux fur, some glittery gold faux pinecones, and a few ‘meaningful’ pieces. One of the most meaningful ornaments is the heart ornament. It was handmade by a patient for me- I will keep this treasure forever! The macramé snowflake is also a lovely addition, handmade by Katie of Loops&Petals (shop her Etsy store here)! She is the sweetest and can whip up anything you want out of macramé. Anything. The little wooden and yarn sheep (from Target- similar here) is for my niece, I plan on wood-burning her name into the backside of it. The wooden bead garland is sold out at Target, but find similar here.




Obviously I would love and prefer real greenery, but I will admit I went with fake on this too. Found some beautiful flocked garland with pinecones and twinkle lights at TjMaxx (similar here). I also snagged some beautiful eucalyptus style garland at TjMaxx (similar here and here). The rest of the garland is vintage- from my grandmother. She decided she wasn’t going to do as much decorating this year and let me have some of her extra garland! 



DIY Wreath

The macramé dream catcher (by Bonfire Heart Co- shop her Etsy here) in the guest bedroom that I added greenery to may be my favorite. I love the texture, and it fills the space beside the bed nicely (in my opinion). 


Vintage floral art from Wicker and Wonder- if you’re hunting for any vintage objects or brass candlesticks she is your girl (Etsy shop here)!



To add the scent of Christmas and all things wonderful and jolly, I found several candles- my favorites is the Winter Pine scent by OkCollective! Check out their shop here. The rest are from TjMaxx as well! 


How cute is this candle by OkCollective? Damn cute. Mini persian rug coasters are from my girl Katie at Loops and Petals, sourced from World Market (find here)!


That wraps up my quick holiday tour, I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by! 

Let me know what your favorite holiday décor item is for your own home! 



Gretchen Rose

Vintage Bridal Shoot with DeerStoneDesigns

Gretchen Rose

Have you ever looked for a reason to put your wedding dress back on?  Be honest.  We spend lots of dollars on a gorgeous dress that we only get to wear once… so they say. I decided to do something about that! First I had to try it on to make sure it still fit (thank goodness for my career field, I’m too busy to eat when I am at work and too tired to eat when I’m not)! Okay, back to the point. Last week we went home to stay a few nights at my parent’s house out in the country and enjoy some pool time away from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the big city (LOL- we live in Louisville). But seriously, getting away from our house was very relaxing! We didn’t feel obligated to do a darn thing productive. So it was basically a vacation- especially when you have an entire house and pool to yourselves while the parents are away at work! 


Thank you, pool, for fixing my hair for me. 


My mother recently has gotten into vintage furniture rentals for events. She has always collected vintage and antique furniture, and now she has so much that she has decided to share! I am so excited to announce that she will be offering vintage furniture and décor rentals for events in the Central Kentucky area- so if you, or anyone you know, is planning a bohemian vibe or vintage themed wedding anytime soon, shoot me an email and I will hook you up! 


Sometimes a clear crystal lamp is all you need. 


While I was relaxing by the pool, I had an idea.  This idea involved a lot of manpower, and convincing my husband, brother, and father to help… so it was a long shot.  I called my mom and she was totally in love with the idea… so a few hours later (golden hour) I convinced the boys with food and drink that it would be so easy and quick if we all pitched in! 


The idea was to move some of mom’s colorful vintage furniture out to the flat (we call the flat-ish field outside of our house this) and set it up like a wedding ceremony, complete with a vintage rug runner down the ‘aisle’.  It took us all about 45 minutes to get it out there and spaced right, dispersing the color so that we had a bit of pink/blue/gold/cream/green in each row! Then I went inside and put on the dress. I actually wore my older sister’s dress first, the beautiful beaded princess style dress! We took a few photos with that one and then I put my dress on (the mermaid-style lace one).  My dad took the photos on his fancy camera, and then I changed back into work clothes and we put all the furniture back in the house! 


The photos turned out pretty amazing, if you ask me (even though Jordan thought it was a silly idea). Mom and I wanted to share how brides could add vintage furniture at their wedding ceremony and/or reception for a unique look!  Additional comfy seating areas at receptions are always a good idea, plus vintage shapely furniture photographs well!  


Let me know what you think! Do you like the idea of vintage furniture at an event? We would love to hear from you! 


Thanks for reading,


Gretchen Rose

My Eccentric Self

Gretchen Rose

with General Eccentric Boutique


If you have ever visited Louisville Kentucky, you may remember hearing about Bardstown Road. It’s a long stretch of road, packed full on either side with boutiques (General Eccentric, Pitaya), record shops, micro-breweries (my personal favorite is Great Flood, I meet there Monday nights for running group) restaurants (we love Sapporo sushi) coffee shops (my personal favorite is Quills) and other small businesses. If you are planning a trip here, you absolutely must walk down Bardstown Rd. You could easily spend a day (and a couple hundred dollars!) here! There is something for everyone!


The Kaye rug

Okay so back to the General Eccentric boutique. My friend turned me onto them when she was shopping for a wedding guest and bachelorette party dress when I first moved back to Louisville. So I have her to thank and blame with my new found obsession...


Why yes, that is a massive horse fly on my leg... if you have horses, you understand.

You can’t go in there without coming out with something. They have the cutest dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, separates, and accessories (for super affordable prices). They also sell delicious smelling, locally made candles! I have been hunting for a red dress for months, but wasn’t having the best luck until I visited GE boutique recently. They get new shipments on Wednesday, so I recommend visiting soon after that! That’s when I found this adorable red floral sleeveless number with a slight frill hem (here). I paired it with a double buckle black and gold studded belt to give the look a little edge (similar here and here). I feel like this dress + belt combo, paired with black western style booties would make the perfect festival outfit. You could switch out the black accessories for brown tones too, and it would be equally beautiful!


The Azelea rug

I chose rugs with wear (the Azelea rug, shop here) or with pinks/red tones (the Kaye, shop here). But I’m pretty sure this dress would look adorable with any rug!
What’s your favorite summer dress style? Do you prefer sleeveless? Girly? Edgy? How do you like to accessorize?! I want to know! Leave a comment below!

As always, thank you for reading!

XO, Gretchen Rose


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Dress Up on the Farm

Gretchen Rose

with Dress and Dwell 

I have always been a fan of supporting local and/or small businesses, so when I discovered Dress and Dwell I couldn’t wait to check out their shop in person! They carry fashion (hence the Dress part of the name) as well as home decor accents (for all of your Dwelling needs). Every one of their posts on Instagram feature such cute pieces, ranging from classic to more trendy, plus they sell some of the most beautiful accessories (shop here). I was able to select two looks from their boutique, so keep reading to see what I picked!


First, I chose a blue and white vertical stripe button front dress with pockets (sold out, similar hereherehere and here), and paired it with rattan statement earrings (similar here and here). Everyone knows by now that buttons are literally everywhere in the stores! Button down dresses, skirts, tops, even pants come with buttons down the side! I love the extra oomph it gives a look, and I’m so happy I finally found the perfect button-down piece for summer! To coordinate the dress with the rugs, I chose rugs with blues in them (shop rugs here).

I borrowed one of my mother's belts for the linen Julia dress, and I loved how it turned out! Mixing old and new is my favorite way to style myself and our home! 


The second dress I found was this gorgeous, bohemian style off-white long sleeve dress with embroidery details (shop here for the Hansel faded rose dress). I paired some golden-brass toned drop earrings with cream-colored tassels to add texture to the look without overpowering the star of the show (shop tassel earrings here). The rose-colored rug was the final touch, and I think the final look turned out beautiful!


It was so much fun working with the girls at Dress and Dwell, I hope to have the opportunity again in the future! I’ll definitely be stopping back by their shop to see what’s new!
Where do you live, and what’s your favorite local go-to boutique? Let me know below!

Thanks for reading,
XO Gretchen Rose


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"I'm going to start a blog."

Gretchen Rose

What am I doing?


“I’m going to start a blog”.  


How many times have you told yourself that, or some version of it? It seems easy enough, just write a few paragraphs about something relevant and then all the sudden you will have more followers, companies reaching out, etc., right?  Maybe.  Who knows? I sure don’t have the answers. However, I have been thinking about attempting this whole blogging thing for a while now.  I told myself I would start it when things ‘settled down’ in life (mainly, when I finished nursing school, because that took up a huge amount of time and energy).  Turns out, I am just as busy now that I am finished with school.  Working as an RN is exhausting (rewarding, yes, most days, but always exhausting).  Sure, we have 4 days off a week if we work the standard 3 12 hour shifts.  You can pretty much write off that first day off after 3 in a row, since all I seem to do that fourth day is sleep and try to recuperate.  Add running a business on the side of that and you pretty much stay tired!  However, this little voice in my head has been repeating the words ‘other people do it, and some of said other people have full time jobs, are full time moms, run their own business, and find time to blog often’ like a broken record.  So, what are we waiting for, really?  I don’t have the answer to that, so here I am, giving it a whole-hearted attempt! 


I plan to use this blogging outlet to discuss just about anything and everything I feel is interesting enough to write about.  Most posts will be rug-related (shocker, right?), but I want to really start incorporating interior design and fashion.  At first I worried that maybe that would confuse my followers on what my ‘brand’ is.  Recently I have decided that worrying about what others expect of me really isn’t the most honest way to go about life.  Do I love all things rugs? Absolutely.  However, I also love interior styling and fashion, and I have some ideas on how to combine all of these things that I am passionate about!  


So what am I saying?  Who really knows.  I am basically putting thoughts down on paper, and sharing them with you in the hopes to inspire your home, wardrobe, and life.  If you have been contemplating starting your own business or blog, DO IT! Then comment below with your blog and/or business name so that I can follow your journey along!  Thanks for reading this mess of thoughts, and I hope you hang around! 


XO, Gretchen Rose


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