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"I'm going to start a blog."


"I'm going to start a blog."

Gretchen Rose

What am I doing?


“I’m going to start a blog”.  


How many times have you told yourself that, or some version of it? It seems easy enough, just write a few paragraphs about something relevant and then all the sudden you will have more followers, companies reaching out, etc., right?  Maybe.  Who knows? I sure don’t have the answers. However, I have been thinking about attempting this whole blogging thing for a while now.  I told myself I would start it when things ‘settled down’ in life (mainly, when I finished nursing school, because that took up a huge amount of time and energy).  Turns out, I am just as busy now that I am finished with school.  Working as an RN is exhausting (rewarding, yes, most days, but always exhausting).  Sure, we have 4 days off a week if we work the standard 3 12 hour shifts.  You can pretty much write off that first day off after 3 in a row, since all I seem to do that fourth day is sleep and try to recuperate.  Add running a business on the side of that and you pretty much stay tired!  However, this little voice in my head has been repeating the words ‘other people do it, and some of said other people have full time jobs, are full time moms, run their own business, and find time to blog often’ like a broken record.  So, what are we waiting for, really?  I don’t have the answer to that, so here I am, giving it a whole-hearted attempt! 


I plan to use this blogging outlet to discuss just about anything and everything I feel is interesting enough to write about.  Most posts will be rug-related (shocker, right?), but I want to really start incorporating interior design and fashion.  At first I worried that maybe that would confuse my followers on what my ‘brand’ is.  Recently I have decided that worrying about what others expect of me really isn’t the most honest way to go about life.  Do I love all things rugs? Absolutely.  However, I also love interior styling and fashion, and I have some ideas on how to combine all of these things that I am passionate about!  


So what am I saying?  Who really knows.  I am basically putting thoughts down on paper, and sharing them with you in the hopes to inspire your home, wardrobe, and life.  If you have been contemplating starting your own business or blog, DO IT! Then comment below with your blog and/or business name so that I can follow your journey along!  Thanks for reading this mess of thoughts, and I hope you hang around! 


XO, Gretchen Rose


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