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My Eccentric Self

Gretchen Rose

with General Eccentric Boutique


If you have ever visited Louisville Kentucky, you may remember hearing about Bardstown Road. It’s a long stretch of road, packed full on either side with boutiques (General Eccentric, Pitaya), record shops, micro-breweries (my personal favorite is Great Flood, I meet there Monday nights for running group) restaurants (we love Sapporo sushi) coffee shops (my personal favorite is Quills) and other small businesses. If you are planning a trip here, you absolutely must walk down Bardstown Rd. You could easily spend a day (and a couple hundred dollars!) here! There is something for everyone!


The Kaye rug

Okay so back to the General Eccentric boutique. My friend turned me onto them when she was shopping for a wedding guest and bachelorette party dress when I first moved back to Louisville. So I have her to thank and blame with my new found obsession...


Why yes, that is a massive horse fly on my leg... if you have horses, you understand.

You can’t go in there without coming out with something. They have the cutest dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, separates, and accessories (for super affordable prices). They also sell delicious smelling, locally made candles! I have been hunting for a red dress for months, but wasn’t having the best luck until I visited GE boutique recently. They get new shipments on Wednesday, so I recommend visiting soon after that! That’s when I found this adorable red floral sleeveless number with a slight frill hem (here). I paired it with a double buckle black and gold studded belt to give the look a little edge (similar here and here). I feel like this dress + belt combo, paired with black western style booties would make the perfect festival outfit. You could switch out the black accessories for brown tones too, and it would be equally beautiful!


The Azelea rug

I chose rugs with wear (the Azelea rug, shop here) or with pinks/red tones (the Kaye, shop here). But I’m pretty sure this dress would look adorable with any rug!
What’s your favorite summer dress style? Do you prefer sleeveless? Girly? Edgy? How do you like to accessorize?! I want to know! Leave a comment below!

As always, thank you for reading!

XO, Gretchen Rose


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