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Vintage Bridal Shoot with DeerStoneDesigns


Vintage Bridal Shoot with DeerStoneDesigns

Gretchen Rose

Have you ever looked for a reason to put your wedding dress back on?  Be honest.  We spend lots of dollars on a gorgeous dress that we only get to wear once… so they say. I decided to do something about that! First I had to try it on to make sure it still fit (thank goodness for my career field, I’m too busy to eat when I am at work and too tired to eat when I’m not)! Okay, back to the point. Last week we went home to stay a few nights at my parent’s house out in the country and enjoy some pool time away from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the big city (LOL- we live in Louisville). But seriously, getting away from our house was very relaxing! We didn’t feel obligated to do a darn thing productive. So it was basically a vacation- especially when you have an entire house and pool to yourselves while the parents are away at work! 


Thank you, pool, for fixing my hair for me. 


My mother recently has gotten into vintage furniture rentals for events. She has always collected vintage and antique furniture, and now she has so much that she has decided to share! I am so excited to announce that she will be offering vintage furniture and décor rentals for events in the Central Kentucky area- so if you, or anyone you know, is planning a bohemian vibe or vintage themed wedding anytime soon, shoot me an email and I will hook you up! 


Sometimes a clear crystal lamp is all you need. 


While I was relaxing by the pool, I had an idea.  This idea involved a lot of manpower, and convincing my husband, brother, and father to help… so it was a long shot.  I called my mom and she was totally in love with the idea… so a few hours later (golden hour) I convinced the boys with food and drink that it would be so easy and quick if we all pitched in! 


The idea was to move some of mom’s colorful vintage furniture out to the flat (we call the flat-ish field outside of our house this) and set it up like a wedding ceremony, complete with a vintage rug runner down the ‘aisle’.  It took us all about 45 minutes to get it out there and spaced right, dispersing the color so that we had a bit of pink/blue/gold/cream/green in each row! Then I went inside and put on the dress. I actually wore my older sister’s dress first, the beautiful beaded princess style dress! We took a few photos with that one and then I put my dress on (the mermaid-style lace one).  My dad took the photos on his fancy camera, and then I changed back into work clothes and we put all the furniture back in the house! 


The photos turned out pretty amazing, if you ask me (even though Jordan thought it was a silly idea). Mom and I wanted to share how brides could add vintage furniture at their wedding ceremony and/or reception for a unique look!  Additional comfy seating areas at receptions are always a good idea, plus vintage shapely furniture photographs well!  


Let me know what you think! Do you like the idea of vintage furniture at an event? We would love to hear from you! 


Thanks for reading,


Gretchen Rose